Creating Your Political Sign Design Online

Creating a political yard sign by hand can be an unnecessarily difficult process. Many online tools exist that not only make designing easier, but make it leagues easier to mass-produce. These designs will also look much better than a hand-drawn design. To create an advertisement that will stand out among your competing candidates, use Best Printed Sign's free design tool!

This tool helps you create a visual that will draw voter's eyes. Once you finish, we can print it onto whatever material you want. Our store also holds any accessories you need to post your campaign signs. Best Printed Signs is a one-stop shop for all your political campaign signage needs!

Color Scheme Of Your Political Sign

A major part of political designs is the color scheme. The colors you choose should be able to capture people's attention and immediately reflect the nature of your campaign. Classic colors are red, white, and blue and for good reason. If it features only green, purple, and yellow, it will be difficult for people to know that your candidate is running for office. They may assume its advertisement for a local business. Make sure to keep colors in mind so that it pops.

Limit Information On Your Political Sign Design

Your political signs aren't pamphlets or business cards, where the person reading them can look at the small details and keep it in their back pocket in case they forget. Campaign signs are usually seen in passing while driving and needs to be read quickly. This means only key information: your name, logo, and maybe your phone number are all that people will be able to see.

The candidate's name should be the largest and most attention-grabbing part. Overloading your corrugated yard signs with random, unimportant information will make certain things get lost and confuse the voters. Simple designs are the best way to capture and keep their attention.

Campaign Logo

Your campaign's logo is integral in bringing your campaign together. This logo helps voters immediately recognize what you represent and who you are. You should try and create this logo in a way so that it can be used in every bit of promotional material you use. An iconic design will help your political organization stick into the mind of voters.

The color scheme and placement should fit well into the rest of your campaign yard sign. Having a red and blue color scheme and a bright orange and purple logo will immediately confuse people and just make it look poorly designed.

Printing Your Political Signs Directly From The Website

The best online tools will let you print onto signs directly from the same webpage. The worst feeling to have is the frustration when you realize you need to find another website to print your design after spending hours on creating your beautiful political signs. Best Printed Sign's free online tool can immediately take your creations and send them to print. You can upload your pre-made design onto our website and have us print it, too!

Consider Your Sign Material

Before you're ready to print your election sign, consider the sign material because that will make huge difference. Certain materials can handle being outside on a permanent basis, but others should only be placed indoors if you want your design to pop. Best Printed Signs has helpful guides on our website about the variety of materials you can use for your custom political yard signs.

This includes guides on corrugated plastic, Dibond (or aluminum), vinyl banners, and many others. Corrugated plastic signs are the most popular for campaign signs. We also stock any accessories you need to display your political signs. This includes H-stakes, floor stand holders, and sandwich board holders. Check out our extensive catalogue!

Creating Your Political Design Online

Using our online design tool will help you create and print a stunning campaign ad that draws the eyes of voters. Use our free tool or upload your own creation, so your advertisement will be printed by experienced and expert hands. Create your campaign signs today!

What is the most common sign dimensions for political signs?

Most political campaign signs are 48"H x 96"W, 48"H x 48"W, 24"H x 36"W, and 18"H x 24"W. Having a variety of sizes allows you to place different signs in different area. Smaller signs can go in areas with a lot of foot traffic, and your bigger signs can be used at events or on the side of the road so they're easy to see.

How do you design a political sign?

You may be able to find tools or templates online that can expedite the process, but the point of a campaign sign is to draw the attention of the public and get your name out there. So, your sign should have your name and the position you are running for.

What information do you need on your sign apart from my name and position?

The name and position of your campaign is the only thing that you need listed. You can also include an image and your phone number, but adding too much information can leave the sign cluttered and busy.

Does my political sign need a disclaimer on the bottom?

Every state requires some kind of disclaimer on political signs, but the requirements and regulations change state by state. The best way to know what you need on your sign is by contacting your election board so you can know what your state requires.

How do you properly install your political signs?

Directions for sign installation depends on the material you're using. Coroplast signs are the best for political campaigns because of how lightweight they are, their ability to withstand the elements, and how easily they can be set up. All you need is an H stake. Corrugated plastic signs and vertical flutes running through the center of the sign. You simply install the stake by inserting the H-stake into the flutes, then stepping on the bottom of the stake to push it into the ground.