Custom Printed Dibond Signs

Dibond, or composite aluminum, signs are the toughest sign board used. While most signs are made of some kind of plastic, Dibond’s two faces are made out of aluminum. This makes the material incredibly resilient and great for most signage purposes.

What is Dibond?

It is the most popular metal sign board. It’s comprised of two thin aluminum sheets sandwiching a polyethylene core. This is a perfect combination, especially if you need to print on both sides. The light plastic interior makes the sturdy metal exterior lighter and more easily transported. 

Benefits of Dibond

Dibond is more rigid and sturdy compared to plain metal signage. The plastic core also makes it more shock absorbent than plain aluminum. It’s also the flattest panel on the market due to this rigidity. Composite aluminum signs, on top of being lightweight and incredibly resilient, have quite a few other benefits that many other materials don’t have. 

The metal exterior makes the finish of these boards metallic. This quality immediately sets it apart from many of its other competitors, as the shiniest you can get outside of this is either gator board or ultra board, both of which only reach a gloss rather than a shine. Both gator board and ultra board are also too weak to be kept outside for extended periods. Dibond is the perfect material if you want your sign to stand out and sparkle. 

It can also be contour cut into many different shapes without losing their structural integrity. This is perfect if you need a specific shape.  

Due to its sturdy nature, Dibond is suitable for both indoor and outdoor signage. Many other boards can’t last outside for long periods of time, but the exterior metal makes these signs weather and fade resistant. It’s perfect if you need signage that will last outside for a long time. 

Uses for Dibond

Because of its resilience and ability to be used outside, Dibond signage has a wide array of uses. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Real estate signage for residential properties
  • Commercial real estate
  • Street displays
  • Interior displays
  • Wall art pieces
  • Promotional displays
  • Directional posts
  • Photo printing

This barely scratches the surface of the many uses that Dibond can have. Because of its sturdiness and ability to be printed on, composite aluminum can be used in nearly every context.


The biggest drawback of this material is the cost. Composite aluminum signage is slightly more expensive than a lot of other materials. The two aluminum sheets that set it apart from other plastic material is also what makes it more expensive than plain plastic boards.

Despite this, the quality, versatility, and durability of Dibond makes the price more than worth it. Purely plastic boards can get warped when exposed to harsh sun for long periods of time, whereas composite aluminum will remain sturdy rain or shine.

Interested in Dibond Signs?

Despite being slightly more expensive, Dibond signs are the best to use because of the amount of use that you can get out of this durable material. 

Best Printed Signs offers custom printed Dibond signage in whatever size you need. The customizable height and width allow you to use the sign wherever and however you need it to be used. We also have a free design tool that allows you to completely customize what you print.

We also have the tools and accessories you need to put your composite aluminum sign up wherever you need. Contact us, or use our online design tool, to get your sign printed today!