PVC Signs

When designing a sign, an extremely important part of the process is picking out what material to use. Vinyl, foam, and metal signs are some of the most popular. Each has benefits to using it, like cost and durability, and some are better suited for certain uses than others.

PVC signs are waterproof, low-cost plastic that can be used in many different applications. This light material is easy to transport and resistant to the elements, and can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its durability and semi-matte finish. If you need a lightweight sign board that will stand the test of time, PVC is a great and inexpensive option for you.

Custom Printed PVC Sign Board

What is PVC?

Made from polyvinyl chloride, it is used widely throughout different industries due to its many uses. Polyvinyl chloride has been used in building exteriors because its waterproof and because of its durability. PVC board can also be referred to as Sintra board, but both products are the same: a durable, light, and rigid board that can withstand the elements easily.

These sign boards are made of the same type of plastic that pipes are, but they undergo a different process to form it into a durable, flat sheet. Polyvinyl chloride has also been used in buildings as accents, so it’s proven to last outdoors.

Why use PVC?

It is incredibly versatile and can more than withstand the elements. The material itself has a smooth, matte, rigid surface that’s perfect for printing your design. It’s easily cut into the design you want, and it has a lot of bend to it. Breaking these boards isn’t easily done accidentally, but it’s easily altered if you have a cutting utensil.

It is also resistant to chemicals, meaning you can clean it off easily when it gets dirty. The surface is can also be easily printed on and painted. Sign made of PVC are UV resistant, so it isn’t an issue if you leave it outside for longer than you thought you would.

Uses for PVC Board

Due to the versatility and strength of the material, there are a great many uses for it. It has been used in construction, piping, and many other industries. However, the material is also extremely useful as a sign. These signs have a smooth, matte finish with an off-white hue. This means you don’t need to worry about whether your sign’s design will show up.

This quality material is perfect for any indoor and outdoor sign, from real estate signs to menu boards. It combines the durability of aluminum signs with the weight of foam board.

3mm PVC Sign Boards

This thinner option is slightly lower priced while still holding many of the benefits of its 6mm counterpart. 3mm sign boards are still waterproof and rigid, but they’re slightly easier to break and cut. If you’re looking for a sign material that can be cut into different shapes easily and still be weather resistant, this is the product for you.

6mm PVC Sign Boards

The thicker 6mm sign board is more durable than its 3mm counterpart at a slightly higher cost. This plastic is resistant to breaking, and its thickness is perfect for yard signs. If you want an interior sign that lasts a long time and wont dent when bumped into, 6mm signs would also be perfect.

Drawbacks of PVC

The only drawback of this material is that it can’t stand extreme weather, whether that be blazing hot or freezing cold. If the board is placed outside in the burning hot sun on a day with no wind, it’s possible that the board will bend and warp. It can also become brittle when exposed to freezing temperatures for extended periods of time. However, if you take care of your sign, it should last up to seven years.

Interested in Custom PVC Sign Boards?

PVC is a great material to use for your signs. Its smooth faces are perfect for printing your design if you want it to last. Best Printed Signs prints all its custom PVC signs in full color with UV ink, making your already durable sign last even longer. You can also create a special custom sign with our online design tool.

Our company offers both 3mm and 6mm PVC signage, available along with all the accessories you would need to put up your beautiful sign. Submit your custom design through our website and we’ll get it started on your print right away.

How long do PVC signs last?

Due to the durability of this plastic material, structural integrity isn’t a huge thing to worry about over short periods of time. What you may need to worry about though is your design’s durability. PVC signage tends to last anywhere from 5-7 years, and digital prints on PVC last for 3-5 years if taken care of properly.

What are PVC signs and their uses?

PVC signs are durable, opaque sign boards that are as lightweight as other signs, but with better durability. These rigid boards can handle the elements both inside and out. Their matte finish also makes them perfect candidates for printed designs. They can be used inside as menu boards, and outside as roadside advertisements or realtor signs. Any way you can think to use a sign board, PVC can cover it.

Are PVC signs waterproof?

PVC signs are waterproof. Their tough plastic exterior doesn’t let any water into the material itself. This makes these signs perfect for use outdoors, as most polyvinyl chloride has additives to make them more resistant to the heat of the sun.