Sign Post Installation

Real Estate Signpost Installation

Marketing your properties is an integral part of the real estate business. The most common and effective way of doing this is through posting signs outside properties you are selling. The problem with this strategy, however, is how long it takes for realtors to post each sign outside their properties.

Best Printed Signs can take care of this burdensome, but necessary, part of the real estate marketing process for you. We have the tools and knowledge to get it done quickly and effectively, so your signs will stand proudly in front of your properties until they sell. Call us today!

Why Advertise Your Listings With Signposts?

Modern technology has given realtors many different avenues they can use to do this outside of traditional signpost installation, but nothing quite beats the old-fashioned signposts. They hold important information at the ready and do not rely on electricity or other features to show text. Any interested parties can quickly and easily contact you with questions about the property, and you can also post sign riders with ‘open house’, ‘sold’, and any other information to tell potential customers the status of the house.

Posting a sign outside a house also makes it clear that the property is up for grabs. People looking for a house can see that from a mile away, and a well-designed sign will keep their attention. Installing them may be difficult and time-consuming, but their benefits far outweigh the work you will have to put in.

Different Real Estate Sign Materials

There are a wide variety of different sign materials you can use for your real estate sign. Certain materials are more resilient than others, and each have different steps you will need to take to properly install them. Some of the best options for these materials are listed below.


Coroplast, or corrugated plastic, is a plastic material made in a similar way to cardboard. A sheet of plastic is woven in the middle of two other sheets, creating a strong, durable, and waterproof material that can sit outside for as long as you need it to.

These sign boards are also incredibly easy to install because of this. All it takes is an H-stake inserted with the grain of the internal sheet and you can push it into the ground. You can also install grommets on certain parts of the sign to hang it on signposts, giving it a more dynamic silhouette.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs, or sandwich boards, are most commonly used as signs outside of restaurants, but they have a wide variety of uses. They come in plastic and metal, and both can switch the sign design itself many times. This allows you to use them on multiple different properties over long periods of time.

These signs are perfect for open house signs but can also be used as a permanent real estate sign if nailed down with stakes. This is easily done once or twice, but doing this for every single one of your properties is going to be a pain though, and your time is better spent elsewhere.

Easy And Effective Real Estate Sign Installation

Your job isn’t to post signs. Realty is a complex job of sales, marketing, and meeting with clients. Wasting time and energy on posting a sign for every listing you are responsible for leaves fewer hours for the more important things only you can do. Anyone can post signs, but not everyone has thorough knowledge of properties that can help sell them. Best Printed Signs can get this job done for you so you can spend your time on better things. Call us today!