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Real Estate Signs

The real estate industry is incredibly competitive, and the best way to help your property stand out is with an eye-catching realty sign. Your real estate firm’s logo and name should be clearly visible for people to see, and your phone number should not be in text too small to read. Most importantly, it should be printed on quality material that can withstand the elements and be reused later if needed.

Best Printed Signs has a wide variety of the best, high-quality materials. Whether you need your design printed on PVC, coroplast, or dibond boards, we have what you need and can print your beautiful signs. Order your sign boards today so that you can stand out amongst your competitors!

What Material Should Your Real Estate Sign Be Made Of?

The most important decision you will make when creating your sign choosing which material to use for the final product. Using the wrong material for the wrong situation will force you to print a new sign for every home you sell, which is a waste of time and money. For example, coroplast signs can stand outside for years without issue, while gator boards are much better suited for interior use.

We’ve listed information on our most popular sign materials below, so you can get a feel for which one would best suit your needs:

Dibond: Dibond signs are a great option for outdoor use. They are aluminum signs with a polyethylene core. Where simple aluminum signs can be unstable and wobbly if bumped – not to mention heavy – Dibond’s plastic core absorbs bumps while still maintaining the rigidity and durability of their pure metal counterparts. They are also a lot lighter, which makes them easier to transport between locations.

These boards can also be contour cut with the right equipment, which means you can make them shaped like a house so your sign can stand out. The only minor downside is the fact that they are a bit more expensive, but it is an investment well worth it. Buying these signs will assure that you can use them for years without replacing them.

Coroplast: Also known as corrugated plastic, these boards are durable, weather-proof, and incredibly light. This material features a sheet of folded plastic sandwiched between two flat plastic sheets. This makes a durable board that can be used for a variety of different things.

These signs can also be used multiple times because of their durability. If properly taken care of, they can be used for years. They can also be recycled after the design starts to wear out, so if you are environmentally conscious, Coroplast is a great option for you.

PVC: PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is an incredibly rigid and durable material. PVC has been used in the construction of house exteriors both because of its strength and ability to repel water. Similar to both Dibond and Coroplast, PVC can be used multiple times. It can also be contour cut into whatever shape you need.

Styrene Posters and Vinyl:These two materials can set your sign apart because they can bend without breaking. Styrene is a benzine-derived hydrocarbon, and the manufacturing allows it to be folded and rolled up. Vinyl is fabric that is coated in polyester. Both of these flexible banner options can be used outside and rolled up to make transportation much easier. If you want your sign to truly stand out amongst the competition, banners or posters made of vinyl or styrene are your best options.

Gator Boards: These boards are a lot frailer, mainly because they are not waterproof. They should not be left outside for too long or outside of homes and in gardens because of potential water damage. However, for temporary outside use or interior use, these signs are perfect. Use them for open house signs, or for signs inside your event tents.

For a more in-depth description of each of these materials, check out our Signs 101 section. We go over the pros and cons of each of these materials.


The accessories you use should also be good quality and well designed. These are the best way for you to communicate with interested people who may want to purchase the property you are selling. Adding a brochure box or a place to hold business cards will allow you to gain leads. Real estate marketing can be tough, but communication will help you sell your property quickly.

The stands you use are also key in making the sign stand out. H-stakes are the most obvious thing to use because of their simplicity and durability, but there are other tools you can use to post your signs. If you have banners, feather flags or teardrop flags can really make your real estate listing stand out.

You can also use smaller metal a-frames to post open house signs outside the property to draw attention to your property. These metal a-frame signs are perfect because they can also be transported incredibly easily and reused for years.

Realtor Sign Design

The design of your real estate sign is key to ensuring you’ll catch the eyes of passersby. Best Printed Signs has a free design tool, where you can start out from scratch or upload your already completed real estate sign design and begin printing.

Creating Your Perfect Real Estate Sign

Best Printed Signs has everything you need for your real estate signs, from lightweight a-frame sign holders to hardy Dibond boards. We can ship whatever signs you need straight to you, so once your order is placed all you have to do is wait. Upload your design and get your real estate signs today!