Coroplast Signs

If you want to create a sign, you need to consider the material you’re using. Signs can be printed on various materials, from metal to wood or foam board to plastic. Each type of material has its benefits and drawbacks, with some better suited for certain conditions than others.

Coroplast is one option for custom signage. The lightweight properties of this material make it versatile and a popular alternative to more rigid acrylic plastic and PVC. It is also commonly preferred over poster boards and foam core mounting boards. These types are not waterproof and are more sensitive to damp conditions. If you’re considering materials, look no further than coroplast signs.

What Is Coroplast?

It is the brand name for one of the most popular corrugated plastic sign materials. It may also be called plastic cardboard because of its resemblance to corrugated cardboard.

The corrugated material features a liner made of folded plastic that is sandwiched between two flat layers. This inner layer, or liner, is made of a series of creases and folds that add strength and durability.

Benefits Of Coroplast

Choosing it has multiple benefits, including weather resistance, durability, and mounting options. Corrugated plastic also comes in many sizes and can be made any size you need. Even the simplest coroplast yard signcan be cut into a custom shape for maximum impact.

The corrugated material is highly weather resistant. Because of the way it is manufactured, it is waterproof and won’t melt in the heat. The plastic also resists the cold and does not become brittle like other materials. This makes it a good material for both indoor and outdoor use and provides maximum exposure, no matter your message.

In addition to being weather resistant, it is durable. It does not break down or tear easily, which keeps it from breaking due to weather conditions. The material is so durable it can even be used again and again for years, if you so choose.

A bonus to using it is that it can be mixed with additives during production, making it even more resistant and durable according to your needs. For example, a manufacturer might add a specific additive to boost its UV resistance or make it more flame retardant.

Products made from corrugated plastic are lightweight, too, which makes them easy to transport and reduces the cost of shipping.

For those businesses that are more environmentally conscious, corrugated plastic is recyclable. More often than not, it is made of polypropylene, or #5 plastic, which many communities can recycle. Recycling your signs allows them to enjoy a second life as another product in the future and reduces your environmental footprint.

There are multiple mounting options for them, too. You can choose between grommets to hang from a wall or a hook. If you want to display the custom sign on your lawn, you can attach an

Perhaps the best benefit is corrugated plastic’s cost. The material is fairly inexpensive compared to others, and as noted before, cheaper to ship and transport wherever needed. Even with the same design and time it takes to complete the printing process, it will still be less expensive due to the cost of the raw materials.

What Coroplast Options Are Available?

Whether you need small, custom-printed signs or something larger to use outside, there are various sizes, shapes, colors, and thicknesses.

Corrugated plastic is available in a range of colors. Most people choose basic white or black, but more vibrant hues such as blue, red, or yellow are also available. The material also makes it easy to print in full color, so there is no need to worry about custom colors!

There is also a range of sizes to choose from. The smallest is about the size of a standard sheet of paper, 10 inches by 12 inches. Larger sizes, which can be great for posters and high visibility, can go up 24 inches by 36 inches. Suppose you need something bigger, there is no need to worry! A single sheet often measures 4 feet by 8 feet. Even larger sizes are available if needed.

The thickness of the corrugated plastic affects its durability. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from regarding thickness. For the sturdiest option, you might pick one that’s
10mm thick. For those who don’t mind a less sturdy option, 4mm is a good choice.

Uses For Coroplast

Corrugated plastic can be used in many ways. You’ve likely come across it in your daily life without realizing it. Some common uses include:

• Billboards: Many billboards are made of coroplast because of the material’s weather resistance.
• Food packaging: Corrugated plastic is often used for packaging fruits and vegetables.
• Boxes and crates: It is most often used for storage containers and packages designed for transporting items.
• Dividers: Dividers that separate items in packages are also often made of it.
• Industrial Use: There are some industrial applications, such as providing the foundation for temporary walls or partitions.

People are most familiar with its use in corrugated plastic signs. Advertising for a candidate running for office or an open house tends to be made from the material, but there are others you might not realize also use it.


Real estate
Garage sales
Yard sales
Yard signs
Lawn signs
Special events
Directions and information
Industrial signs
Low-cost signage
Special promotions
Custom landscaping
Temporary notices
Political campaigns

These are only a few of the different ways you can use it. Its versatility makes it the popular choice for advertising of all types.

How Does Coroplast Compare To Other Materials?

Other materials include acrylic, aluminum, foam board, and vinyl (PVC). Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and some might be a better choice for your needs. Here is how Coroplast compares to other materials.

Acrylic, like corrugated plastic, is highly durable. Its drawbacks come from being unable to handle extreme heat and other outdoor conditions. For this reason, most businesses tend to use acrylic for indoor signage.

Aluminum is both durable and affordable. It also tends to be used outside. The difference between the two materials comes in their uses. Although it’s quite durable, aluminum can be easily scratched, so it is better suited for indoor or outdoor environments where it will not be handled much.

Foam board, a material similar to corrugated fiberboard, tends to be lightweight but not as durable since it is made of paper. This material is best suited for indoor use only and cannot withstand outdoor conditions, like high humidity or rain. Foam board is also more rigid than corrugated plastic and comes in much thicker sizes.

Vinyl is commonly referred to as
PVC because they are made of polyvinyl chloride. Typically, this material is used for banners, such as those used at trade shows or for street displays. While vinyl comes in a variety of sizes, it is less durable. Heat and sunlight can easily cause PVC to warp unless treated to be UV resistant. The material also degrades much faster.

If you are looking for something that will last a long time and withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, coroplast is the best option for your needs and budget.


Despite its many benefits, there are a few drawbacks to using it. While it is often the best material for indoor and outdoor signage, this option won’t work for everyone. For example, despite being weather resistant, the light material makes them susceptible to being blown away by strong winds.

One important thing to note is that the plastic does not allow anything to be glued to it. For example, if you wanted to glue two of them together, the material would prevent the glue from bonding and adhering the two pieces.

An easy solution to this problem is printing on both sides. Best Printed Signs offers the option to digitally print on both sides to make the most of your signage.

It can also be difficult to paint on. If you have a blank coroplast and wish to add a custom design, the best way is to paint it with a spray paint specifically designed for plastics. Other types of paint, applied with a brush or roller, tend to peel and fall off the surface.

Some people also do not like the way corrugated plastic looks. Since it is plastic, the overall effect is less sophisticated than other materials, such as aluminum or glass. While not nearly as elegant,
coroplast is the best option if you want to order in batches or need something extraordinarily durable but affordable.

How To Display Coroplast Signs

With their durability, weather resistance, and other benefits, coroplast signs can be used just about anywhere. Examples of places include trade shows, lawns, in or outside a store, outside of a restaurant, or even at a concert or festival.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Some use grommets with zip ties or hooks for their displays. Grommets make it easier to hang, no matter the location. Typically, if it is small, this means grommets at the corners. Larger pieces will need grommets spaced along the edge to support them.

A-frames are another popular choice for displaying them. The frames are practical for displaying your message in front of a business or an event during business hours. Its design makes it easy to take down when needed and pop it back open the following day.

The classic yard signs use
H-stakes, allowing you to stick them into the ground. Most people are likely familiar with this type, commonly seen for political campaigns and real estate agents.

How To Care For Coroplast Signs

Although many people use their signs for a single event, some might want to reuse them year after year, especially if they are for a recurring event. When used solely indoors, coroplast can last more than ten years. Taking good care of your signs will only extend their life.

The simplest way to care for them is to occasionally clean them thoroughly, especially if they are used outside. There is no need for special equipment or cleaning supplies either. All you need is some gentle soap, a bit of warm water, and a washcloth or soft-bristled brush. When you clean your signs, try to wipe in the direction of the corrugation.

Another part of taking care of your signs is storing them properly when they’re not being used. For best results, keep the sign flat when it’s in storage. They also keep better when stored upright rather than flat on a shelf or floor. Avoid putting items, such as boxes, on top of them when they’re in storage.

Another tip to keep the signs in good condition is to avoid placing them in excessive direct sunlight. While they can be treated to be more UV resistant, the UV rays can still cause some fading or weaken the plastic over time.

Finally, avoid rolling or folding. Doing so can lead to creases that do not go away and make it difficult for the signs to lie flat like before.

Interested In Coroplast Signs?

No matter your message, coroplast signs are the most affordable and versatile option for your needs. The material’s weather-resistant, stable structure makes it the perfect way to display your announcements or advertisements.

At Best Printed Signs, we offer
4mm-thick coroplast signs. The height and width are completely customizable and make perfect yard signs for your business. Not only that, but they’re an affordable way to get your message out there and can be printed on one or both sides. These are perfect for realtors, churches, schools, graduations, or any events you have! We also offer all the necessary accessories, including grommets, A-frames, H-stakes, sandwich boards and more.