Vinyl Banners

Whatever sign you’re making, choosing the material is a decision you should consider. The material you choose will decide whether or not your signs can be used in outdoor spaces, how long they will last, how easily transportable they are, and what paints can be used. 

Vinyl banners are one option you can use for your signs. These lightweight signs set themselves apart from other options by being super flexible, to the point where you can roll up your signs and store them easily when they aren’t in use. This banner material is also waterproof, allowing for these signs to survive outside for elongated periods of time. 

What Are Vinyl Banners?

These banners consist of two main materials: fabric and a polyester coating. The fabric is coated in a thin layer of the plastic, allowing the fabric to remain flexible underneath the coating. Many manufacturers also coat the exterior in a denier, which creates a smooth look.

Benefits Of Vinyl Banners

Because of the different components, including the exterior and interior materials, they come with many benefits that other sign options don’t have. The plastic coating makes it more resistant to the elements including water. It’s also heat resistant, and the design you print on the surface is less likely to fade in the bright sun. 

These banners are also very durable considering their core material is fabric. The combination of the interior flexible fabric and the exterior plastic makes this material relatively difficult to cut accidentally and bumping it too hard won’t leave any damage. 

Signs made of this are also easy to transport and store. The unmatched flexibility of vinyl banners allows you to roll them and fit them into tighter spaces than other rigid materials. The lightweight nature also allows for easy transportation. 

These banners can also be reused after they’ve been stored. You simply unroll them and put them back out where you need them. They can stand the test of time. Depending on where you hang the banners and how well you take care of them, they can last anywhere between 3-12 years. Taking care of your signs will only increase their overall value and longevity. 

They are also double-sided banners, allowing you to print on both sides so you can make the most of your signage. 

What Options Are Available?

Custom vinyl banners come in any size or color you might need. While they’re usually white or clear by default, the surface is easily printed on and can be changed to the color you want. 

The standard thickness for these banners is 13oz per square yard. This thickness allows you to use your sign for anything you want. Best Printed Signs also offers a thicker 6mm option for a more durable banner. 

We also offer complimentary hem stitches and grommets for any banner you print with us. The hem stitch will give it a more durable exterior, making it more difficult for water to get in and soak the interior fabric. 

The grommets give you an easy place to tie rope or bungie cord when you put up your banner. Cutting holes into the material without grommets will disrupt the structural integrity of the material, shortening its lifespan. We want to make sure your banners will last as long as possible.


It’s likely you’ve seen vinyl signs hanging at soccer games, at zoos or even college campuses. These banners, because of their unique properties, are used in a wide variety of ways, from professional business marketing to graphics for recreation. 

These signs are perfect for any kind of soccer team banner. The material will be able to display your team’s logo and name easily, and that fact that these banners can roll up makes it easy to transport in the trunk of your car along with folding chairs. 

These signs are also used at trade shows for vendor displays. Again, the easy transportability makes it the perfect option for anyone who regularly needs to take their signs with them. 

Vinyl is also ideal for outdoor use in decoration and advertising due to their water and weather resistant properties. The banner’s surface is perfect for printing bright, eye-catching marketing designs. They also have been used extensively in retail displays. The water and heat resistant capabilities of this material also makes it the perfect option for hanging outside.

Overall, these banners are the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor use. They’re light and flexible enough to be moved around with ease for repeat use, and resilient enough to last outside. 

How Does Vinyl Compare To Other Materials?

It immediately sets itself apart from other materials because of its flexibility. PVC, Coroplast, Dibond, and Gator Boards all are rigid, tough alternatives that can’t be folded without upsetting the structural integrity of the board itself. Vinyl doesn’t have that issue and can be rolled without ruining the sign itself. 

There is another material that has similar properties to these banners, and that option is mesh. Mesh banners are similar to vinyl because of their flexibility, but they’re made of a weave or lace of fabric. The weave makes the material breathable, so it may do better in areas with heavy wind. Mesh banners are also relatively transparent. 

Vinyl banners are much more durable than their mesh counterparts, however. The solid fabric interior and plastic exterior makes it last a lot longer than mesh. It also tends to cost less than mesh.


The main draw of this material, the flexibility, also makes it impossible to have it stand on its own. Many rigid signs don’t need help in displaying the design on it. Vinyl banners, however, need assistance in staying open, which limits the areas where you can use them. Without a place to hang the banner, it won’t stay open. Banner stands are a great way to put up your promotional banner without a fence or a wall.

Vinyl also catches the wind very easily. This makes it difficult for the banner to stay in place when your event is somewhere windy or not completely secured down. It’s also not recommended that you fold your banners, or they will crease or ruin the design along the fold. Instead, roll the banners up and store them that way.

How To Care For Your Banners

To care for your banners, use a mix of mild soap and water to clean off any accumulated dirt or dust. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cloth when cleaning, too. When not in use, store the banner in a cool place. 


No matter what you need printed, your design deserves to be on a durable, affordable banner that will stand the test of time. Vinyl is a versatile material that can work for whatever you need. 

Best Printed Signs gives you a wide variety of professional high-quality signs, boards, and banners for you to print your design onto in whatever banner size you may need. Our store carries multiple thicknesses that will be able to withstand whatever you need it to. We also have whatever accessories you need to put up your signs. This includes grommets, A-frames, H-stakes, sandwich boards, and more.

Our free online design tool makes it easy to upload your design and get it printed onto whatever sign board you may need. Contact us today or order online and get the best banner printing service behind your mounted poster!