Custom Metal Signs

A key part of getting your sign ready is knowing which material it will be printed on. There is a wide collection of useable materials out there that affect where you can place your sign, how your sign will look, and how long your sign will last. Some of these materials include metal, wood, and plastic. Each of these have drawbacks and benefits to them, so it's really a matter of weighing your options and figuring out which will work best for your situation.

Custom metal signs are one of these many options. These heavy-duty signs are unmatched in outdoor usage and have a shine to them that most other sign boards can't touch. This allows them to be used in a variety of ways that other materials cannot. If your business is still considering which material you want to use for your sign, this hardy material has everything you need.

What Are Metal Signs?

These signs are a type of signage printed on thin sheets of any kind of metal. This can be steel, aluminum, bronze, or brass. Aluminum is most commonly used because it does not rust. It is also a lot lighter than other options on the market.

Some aluminum signs have a plastic core. The most common material is Dibond, which are thin sheets of aluminum with a polyethylene core. Dibond is sturdy and tends to be lighter than pure aluminum boards, but both have their places as incredibly useful sign boards. Pure aluminum signs last longer outside because you do not have to worry about the plastic core getting too hot or too cold and warping.

Benefits Of Metal Signs

It should come as no surprise that these signs are much more durable than a lot of other options on the market. Most other types are made of plastic. While plastic can be incredibly durable, it is difficult to match the durability of aluminum.

These boards are also extremely weather-resistant. They are perfect for use both indoor and outdoor use. Many people use a protective laminate to stop rust from occurring, but if you choose the right material, like aluminum, you won't have to worry about rust at all.

They can also be personalized & contour cut into any shape without damaging the structural integrity of the sign board. However, the cuts should be done by a professional with the right tools. Trying to contour cut custom metal signs without the right tools will be near impossible and could be very dangerous. Keep this in mind when designing your sign.

Most other sign board materials are also not reflective. PVC, coroplast, and most other plastic boards have a dull sheen to them. The most gloss you can get is from gator or ultra boards, and those boards do not have the durability it takes to withstand the elements when permanently set up outdoors. Metal sign boards literally outshine the competition and will make your eye-catching design even more pleasing to look at.

Many of these hardy boards are designed around being thin. This makes them a lot easier to transport, since thicker materials make transportation more difficult. Thinner boards are also easier to install and do not require as many screws as it takes to hold up a thicker metallic sign.

Uses For Metal Signage

These boards can be used almost anywhere because of their durability. Many customers use them to denote parking areas or directions in parking lots, but they can also be used outside of this setting. A detailed contour-cut design can add a higher level of class to your restaurant or office. You could also print whatever art design you want to give the sign a shine that other plastic sign boards won't give you. A metal sign's ability to withstand the elements both indoor and outdoor gives it the ability to fill whatever need you may have for it.

Caring For Your Metal Signs

If cared for properly, an aluminum sign will keep its bright sheen and integrity for seven to ten years. To take care of your custom signs, simply wipe any dirt or dust off the surface with a non-abrasive cloth soaked in soapy water. This will keep them shining for years.

Where you install them also affects the lifespan of the sign. Installing your sign in places of high wind, or in areas where other objects can bump into it, will cause your sign to become warped and dented much faster. Avoid this by carefully consider where you install it. Rethinking the placement could add years of use to your sign.

Drawbacks Of Metal Signs

There are two main drawbacks. First, the corrosion that can occur with rain. This can be mitigated by choosing an aluminum sign that doesn't rust. Second is the weight. Most metal sign boards are heavier than their plastic counterparts. This means you may have a bit more difficulty installing and transporting them. But, where plastic is easier to transport, most cannot be permanent, long-term outdoor signage. That is why plastic boards are often used for more temporary exterior uses and metal signs are used for permanent solutions.

Interested In Metal Signs?

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