There is no question that your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.  We take great care to assure the highest quality products at affordable prices with fast turnaround. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, please contact our Customer Service Team at 951.506.6633 or info@bestprintedsigns.com.com. We will do everything we can to make your order perfect, even if that means issuing a full refund or reprinting your job once your order is returned and reviewed by our Quality Control Team. You never have to worry about getting the perfect job from bestprintedsigns.com!

We ask for your understanding that certain circumstances are beyond our control and we are unable to warranty them. This includes the following:
• Shipping delays due to terms defined by the courier, including weather, mechanical failure, etc.
• Spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors made by customers when entering text or order information.
• Low resolution images uploaded or provided by the customer.
• Design errors introduced by the customer in the document creation process.
• Color variances due to the gang-running process.
• Errors in customer-selected options, such as substrate, color, size, and quantity.

To provide you the best possible outcome, please keep these few things in mind:
Color Variation:
The color on your computer screen will not match the printed sign or banner.  There are several reasons for this, most notably, a computer screen displays colors in RGB mode, not CMYK.  Your sign or banner will look similar to what you see on your screen but it cannot be exactly the same color.  If you need further clarification or details, please contact us!
Proof Review: When using the online designer tool and during order process, please (please! pretty please!!) review your online proof carefully and correct any mistakes prior to submitting your order. Our online template and design-your-own orders are sent automatically to our production department and printed and no changes to a file will be possible after order submission.
Printing and Shipping Times: Our printing and shipping times are prominently displayed throughout the order process and on many pages of our site. Please read these times carefully as it keeps everyone on the same page!

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Thank you once again for being a part of bestprintedsigns.com!