Sign Post Installation

Be Seen With Effective Sign Installation

Signage is an important factor in marketing for a variety of sectors, including small businesses, event planners, and realtors. Signs and signposts are an effective way to promote your business and encourage customers to view your offerings.

However, if you lack the tools or experience, installing signposts can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. It takes the proper tools and some heavy lifting to make sure it is firmly planted and will stay put for as long as you need it to. With the right tools, equipment, and durable signage made of the right materials, signpost installation can be extremely easy. To better help you with your sign installation, this article will provide information about the right equipment and tools to use, the variety of materials available, and how each one requires different installation materials.

Benefits of Using Signs for Advertising

Installing signposts can be a challenge. However, the benefits of using signage to advertise your business is well worth the time it takes to post them. Here are the top benefits of using signs for your business advertising.

Provides Clear Communication: Signs are one of the best ways to present your brand and communicate with potential clients about your business. Having them posted around your local area will get people who are near your business interested in it. For realtors, a high-quality sign will allow them to advertise their name and contact details. For other businesses, signposts can highlight a special product, limited-time deal, or your address so people can easily find your building.

Improves Brand AwarenessA sign is one of the first things that a potential client will see. Creating a beautiful design is key in making a great first impression. A bad design will show people that your business isn’t worth visiting, and a good one will make sure they have a good opinion on your brand. In other words, signage can quickly tell potential clients what your brand is all about. Impressive designs will result in greater opportunities for acquiring new clients and potential customers.

Different Sign Materials and How To Install Them

Coroplast: Coroplast is a type of plastic cardboard that makes an excellent signage material. It is a great choice for both interior and exterior signs because of the lightweight and waterproof qualities of this material.

The most common way to install a coroplast sign is to hang it. This is typically done by poking a hole through the board and hanging it on hooks or with zip ties. However, poking holes through low-quality material can rip it over time. To avoid ripping it, choose a high-quality material and use the right tool when poking the hole. You can also install metal gromets on it to increase the durability even more. Doing this guarantees that your sign will stay intact even if you need to put holes in it.

Dibond: Dibond is an aluminum composite sign material that is available in different thicknesses. It is a strong but lightweight board that consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched by two thin sheets of aluminum. Dibond is ideal for use both inside and outdoors because of their durability and low weight.

Dibond signs are ideally installed with easel backs and you will need a pair of scissors and adhesive bands. First, cut open the pre-dotted area of a dibond sign. Then, fold down the easel stabilizer and secure the easel wings in the slot. Add adhesive bands on both easel backs, then position them on both ends of the back of the sign. Press to make sure it completely adheres. You can display your dibond signs on any flat surface.

PVC: PVC signs are plastic signs with a smooth finish, giving them a professional and clean look. They are designed for outdoor or long-term indoor signage. It is one of the most common materials available that can be installed with many different installation materials, such as:

  • Standoffs
  • Command strips
  • Easel backs
  • Suction cup and hook

To install PVC signs with suction cups and hooks, drill holes on the surface that align with the pre-drilled holes on the PVC sign. Place the tabs through the holes for the suction cup and hook installation. For standoffs, drill the holes the same way, and screw the standoff barrel into the wall anchor. For easel backs and command strips, band and fasten it to the installation material.

Styrene: A styrene sign is also a plastic material that is very similar to PVC, however, it is a lot more flexible comparatively. The installation process of styrene is the same as PVC sign installation.

Gator Boards: Gator boards are made from a lightweight polystyrene core and rigid paper faces. Gator boards are usually used for door signs, such as “we’re open.” They allow you to be creative and have unique and attractive signage. To install gator boards, you only need a tape or strip adhesion. You just have to make sure that the tape or the strip is firmly bonded to it, then peel off the second backing and stick it to your desired location.

Vinyl Banners: Vinyl banners are a multi-purpose sign commonly used for outdoor advertising. They are made of a fabric banner coated in a resilient layer of plastic. Punching a hole and hanging it is the best way of installing a vinyl banner.

To effectively install a vinyl banner, you will need grommets and pole pockets; the holes on the banner, without grommets, will tear the banner when it is hung. Place the grommets along the holes of the banner and use pole pockets to slip over a pole or a rope through the hole and hang your vinyl banner.

Get Your Signposts Installed Today

With proper installation, high-quality signage can make a difference in how effective your advertising will be. Improperly installing them will make people lose confidence in your business, and every board material has different tools and steps you need to follow in order for your sign to look the best it can. Knowing the ins and outs of the process takes time and skill.

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