Gator and Ultra Boards

Sign material is incredibly important. What material you use will decide whether or not your sign will stand the test of time or barely survive. Gator board is a lightweight durable material with a flat printing surface perfect for printing and displaying designs.

What Are Ultra Boards?

This material sets itself apart from foam boards because of the types of materials it uses. These signs are made with a wood fiber veneer exterior and an extruded polystyrene foam core. Signs made out of this are hardy and durable. Their rigidity means they won’t bend or break during transportation and while being used. 

The luxcell wood exterior is coated in a hard resin, which makes it water resistant. This wood exterior doesn’t affect the weight of the material, though. They are still just as light as their foam board counterparts despite being heavy-duty. They also have a nice gloss to them, which will make your design stand out. 


Because of the wooden exterior, gator boards are rigid and not easily broken. Their smooth surface also makes the perfect canvas for your sign’s design. It can come in white, black and a more neutral and natural finish. Your design should consider what color you will be using. It can also be printed in full color on both sides, potentially doubling your indoor and outdoor advertising space and print on the back!

In addition to coming in a variety of cut sizes, you are also able to contour-cut this material into any shape you want. Once you cut through the top layer of resin, you can cut through the foam underneath with the same ease of foam boards. This material, however, will remain resilient after being contour cut.

Because of this material’s durability, its perfect for long-term displays. With proper care and maintenance, these signs should last you over 2 years. They are also perfect for a wide variety of uses in interior spaces.


The lightweight nature of these signs, as well as their durability and rigidity, means it can be put to use in a wide variety of situations. It’s likely you’ve seen this material without realizing it. Some uses include, but are not limited to: 


  • Large overhead menus
  • Interior signs
  • Interior advertisements
  • Interior decoration like paintings and art


  • Crafting
  • Painting
  • Water coloring
  • Photo printing

How Does Ultra Board Compare To Other Materials?

While not the most durable material on the market, it still holds its own compared to a lot of other materials. PVC, Dibond, and coroplast signs are all more durable and resistant to the elements comparatively, but each fall short in certain areas that ultra board printing excels in.

You can’t contour cut coroplast anywhere near as easily as you can with this. PVC signs can be contour cut, but once they are cut, it disrupts the structural integrity of the signs. Dibond signs can be contour cut, too, but are made of aluminum so they’re substantially more expensive. 

Drawbacks Of These Boards

The drawbacks of this material are limited. While the signs are water resistant, they aren’t able to withstand the heat and moisture like a permanent exterior sign. Many other sign materials have this same flaw.

A more unique flaw of this material is it is not acid-free. This means that this sign material should not be in permanent use next to artifacts like those in a museum or an archive because it could be corrosive toward these artifacts. Most will not need to worry about this flaw, though.

Need A Sign Printed?

Whether you’re a business looking for the perfect sign to print your logo on or someone looking for a surface to showcase their art skills, it will fit your needs. It’s water-resistant and durable.

Best Printed Signs has top-quality sign materials and printing services of all varieties. You can customize the dimensions of your sign when you order through our website. We also offer any accessories you may need for displaying your signs. From a-frames to H-stakes, we have your needs covered. 

Best Printed Signs also has a free design tool so you can upload your design directly to our website. Contact us or upload your design today, and we will get your custom ultra board sign ready!